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Offshore Platforms and Drilling

The PE Drilling TEAM is responsible for the conceptual well design and efforts to ensure that wells are designed and delivered to meet the agreed business objectives regarding operational risks, drilling optimization, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Planning and engineering of unconventional drilling projects including permitting and regulatory reporting, procurement of goods and services, casing design and drilling program preparation, scheduling, cost estimation, and AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) preparation, liaising with project teams, and providing operational support. Drilling program preparation includes offset analysis, risk and hazard management, planning wellbore trajectories, pad layout design, casing design, torque/drag and hydraulics analyses, bit, and BHA (Bottomhole Assembly) selection, drilling fluids design, cementing design, wellhead configuration design, defining pressure testing requirements, establishing formation evaluation plans, and developing all associated procedures for the good construction process.

Integrated oil and gas resources database using advanced visualization

· Geological information ingestion and storage.
· Seismic data ingestion and storage.
· Data access with strong security.
· Seismic attribute calculation.
· Data interpretation (manual and automated).
· Advanced data visualization, including VR.
· Enhanced reservoir monitoring.
· Fracture and fault detection in reservoirs.
· Reservoir modeling and simulation.
· Real-time remote monitoring of changes in big reservoirs.
· Advanced visualization, including VR.
· Data access with strong security.
· Remote monitoring of drilling and well operations.
· Automated alarming (e.g., in case of high fault probability).
· Advanced data visualization, including VR.
· Drilling optimization via evaluation of multiple decision-making scenarios and selecting the best one.

  • Maintaining compliance with all local regulatory requirements and internal PE norms and standards.
  • Researching drilling technologies and ensuring that PE maintains a competitive advantage through the effective use of technical innovations to maximize efficiency and reduce overall cost.
  • Transferring lessons learned to other drilling operations.
  • Providing day-to-day technical support during the project execution phase by participating in the management of change (MOC) process, providing real-time analysis, supporting Daily Drilling Reporting
  • (DDR), and working with the Drilling Engineering and Operations teams to adjust the drilling program
  • Tracking non-productive time (NPT), invisible lost time (ILT), and drilling performance in automated dashboards against pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Promoting continuous improvement and maintaining a hopper of optimization initiatives to be trialed.
  • Responsible for the selection and specification of drilling equipment, materials, and services while ensuring the implementation of PE’s First Time Quality (FTQ) QA/QC procedures for testing and inspection of equipment and materials.
  • Preparation of budgetary and project class cost estimation and well-specific AFEs (Authorization for Expenditure) in line with Repsol’s estimation procedures.
  • Maintaining rigorous cost control during the execution phase by generating Purchase Requisitions (PR),
  • Purchase Orders (PO) and Service Entry Sheets (SES) to certify drilling costs daily.
  • Active involvement in all aspects of Safety and Environment (S&E) from a safe well and operational designs to the verification of Safety and Environmentally Critical Elements (SECE), ensuring compliance with all internal PE S&E norms, vendor S&E pre-qualifications and audits, incident reporting, investigation and participation in Emergency Response Plan (ERP), and Simultaneous Operations (SimOps) plan activities.
  • Performing studies on internal and competitor data to benchmark PE’s drilling performance for technical reviews and project sanctions.


  • Outline of Rotary Drilling Method
  • Offshore Drilling Structures
  • Technical Features of Offshore Drilling
  • Mobile Bottom-supported Rigs
  • Jack-up Drilling Rigs (Jack-up Rigs, Self-elevating Drilling Rigs)
  • Submersible Drilling Rigs (Submersible Rigs, Swamp Barges)
  • Tender-Assisted Platforms and Tenders
  • Floating Offshore Drilling Rigs (Floaters)
  • Drillships
  • Semisubmersible Drilling Rig
  • Location Surveys for Offshore Drilling
  • Bottom-supported Platforms
  • Floating Platforms
  • Subsea Production Systems
  • Subsea Christmas Trees
  • Subsea Manifolds
  • Subsea Boosting and Processing
  • Subsea Control System
  • Prospecting for Offshore Production System