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We provide visionary leadership in facilitating transformational change for our clients. Our work delivers differentiating innovations and dedicated experts who challenge the status quo and share a world of diverse experience and an impassioned entrepreneurial spirit. We deliver on quality of life. We partner with clients on everything from roads, bridges, tunnels, mass transit, and airports to water treatment plants, oil and gas pipelines, refinery and process gas units, and specialized overseas construction projects.

Prime Energy truly cares about creating a sustainable future through safe, responsible and meaningful low carbon energy projects. Our core values of Safety, Integrity, Respect, Sustainability and Drive are the guiding principles for everything we do.

Extreme Project Management
In a dynamic and quick-paced industry, oil and gas project management services with excellent leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities. To guarantee that projects are successful and quickly, our oil and gas project manager must be able to collaborate well with various teams, including engineers, technicians,…
Effective Wastewater Treatment Solutions for a Better Future
Prime Energy specializes in providing effective and sustainable water solutions. Our team of experts is committed to delivering innovative and reliable solutions to meet the specific needs of everyone. The main objectives of the construction of wastewater treatment plants are as follows: Minimization of risks…
Our Exceptional Electrical Engineering Services
At Prime Energy, we specialize in providing exceptional electrical engineering services to various industries. Our team of experienced electrical engineers has the dedication to delivering innovative solutions that empower your success. Neta Testing & Commissioning OF SUBSTATIONS Outage and connection planning Testing of breakers, disconnect…
Main Automation and APC Technology
SME in the field of instrumentation including temperature, pressure, flow, and analytical instruments. All instrumentation must pass inspections as a prerequisite before any work on APC can begin. SME in the field control valves including valve sizing, positioner selection, and integration into any DCS IO,…
Innovative Civil Engineering Solutions for a Better World
As a leading provider of civil engineering firms in Houston, TX, that specializes in the planning, designing, and constructing of infrastructure projects, we have experienced engineers, designers, and project managers with a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions that meet our client's unique needs…
Electrical and Wireless Transmission
Once a transmission line is energized and in service, it’s like any other energized line. The “process” is what sets Prime Energy apart. From inception to completion, our goal is to be your trusted supplier and an integral part of your team and your overall…
Metro Railroad
Prime Energy has Experienced in the design, construction testing, and commissioning of transit systems and transit facilities as required. PE will work with both system and facility design elements including substation, power distribution, fiber transmission network, data and voice communications, signals and train control systems,…
Renewable Energy and Nuclear Power
The Netherlands is the latest country to explore the possibility of floating solar farms. PE is committed to bring this technology into all land lock areas of the world especially in the Caribbean region USVI, BVI Puerto Rico Barbados the Bahamas. Many densely populated nations…