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Electrical and Wireless Transmission

Once a transmission line is energized and in service, it’s like any other energized line. The “process” is what sets Prime Energy apart. From inception to completion, our goal is to be your trusted supplier and an integral part of your team and your overall utility solution.

Regardless of the complexity, size, or scope, Prime Energy stands ready to deliver on our promise to be the best steel pole provider in the industry. We are a trusted supplier of tubular steel products created with a focus on safety, quality, and on-time delivery.

Allow us the opportunity to show you why the largest utilities in the U.S. put their trust in us to deliver on time and on budget.

As the leading designer of power delivery structures in the United States,

Prime Energy has more than 3 decades of experience engineering, designing, installing, and maintaining steel transmission and distribution structures ranging from 69kV to 765kV.

From a single pole to large projects with various configurations, Prime Energy will meet all of your needs.

Wood Pole Equivalents

Whether a single pole, multi-pole, H-frame, A-frame, 3-pole or custom structure, Prime works with clients to design and install specialty structures. All of our poles are installed with an emphasis on quality and ease of installation. Specialty structures are pre-fit by experienced fabricators prior to shipment for smooth field experience. We provide various foundation options to ensure the lowest installed cost solutions. These include anchor-based, direct embed, caisson and even full-length anchor cage styles, as required by foundation parameters.

Severe weather, fires, animal damage, environmental issues, and accessibility are all reasons to consider transitioning from wooden poles to steel ‘wood pole equivalent’ structures that provide increased durability. Our Sub Transmission Series poles are easy to install and maintain and are designed to comply with all ANSI and RUS requirements.

Calculate the pole right for your needs using our convenient Sub Transmission Series Pole worksheet or reach out to PE engineering experts to ensure the optimal pole height and embedment depth for your needs, depending on pole class.

Telecom Infrastructure

• Self-Supported Structures

• Guyed Structures

• Monopoles

• Decorative Structures

• Small Cell/CRAN/Mini-Macro

• Wireless Components

• Structural Modifications

• Specialty Enclosures

• Power Mount

• Equipment Skids & Platforms

Telecom Services

• Telecommunication Construction

• Line & Antenna Installation

• Tower Maintenance & Service

• Tower Modifications

• Tower Inspection

• Microwave Services

• Technical Services

• Emergency Services

• Warehousing/Material Management

• Towers on Wheels Rental & Deployment

Equipment Enclosures

• Engineered Prefabricated Enclosures

• Equipment Skids & Platforms

• Purpose Built ISO Type Cabinets

• Storm Shelters

• Utility Control Houses

• Substation Control Houses

• Specialty Enclosures

Prime Energy offers a full turnkey solution to ensure that your structures are installed, inspected and maintained to meet industry standards.

With our in-house training program, the PE Site Services crews are trained to support 5G and Small Cell installations and exceed the industry requirements.

With the unique source of solutions, we can support service to thousands of telecom structures and critical infrastructure that connect us during our daily activities.

Telecommunication Construction Line & Antenna Installation Tower Maintenance & Service Tower Modifications Tower Inspection Microwave Services Technical Services Emergency Services Warehousing/Material Management Towers on Wheels Rental & Deployment

Telecommunication Construction

Prime Energy Site Services staff is equipped with extensive experience in the construction and decommissioning of telecommunication structures.

We offer engineering and project coordination, site surveys, tower mapping, and FAA feasibility studies for your construction goals, as well as offloading, transport, and storage capabilities to meet your decommissioning needs.

PE Services crews are uniquely equipped for the install of towers that range from 10’ in height to 1200’ in height.

Our teams can provide new build to suit structure installations including foundation and tower stacking capabilities as well as removal of tower structures, appurtenances and foundations.

Completing thousands of raw land sites, Prime Energy is capable of overseeing:

· Permitting

· Surveying

· Geotechnical

· Raw lands

· Site clearing

· Grading and civil work

· Foundations

· Tower installation

· Line and Antenna installation and/or removal

· Structure deconstruction and transport

· Landscaping

· Fencing

· Road construction

· Generator Installation

· Customer equipment installation

· Electrical

· Fiber installation and splicing

Line & Antenna Installation

Prime Energy Site Services professionals are available to facilitate the expert installation of cellular, UHF, VHF, and microwave antennas, as well as coax, waveguide and hard line.

Our staff has extensive experience in collocation, rooftop, water tank, and tenant-improvement sites and will gladly work with you to ensure our service meets your specific requirements.

PE Site Services experienced staff has worked with the industry and owners to follow the standards for radio & antenna systems maintenance, and the application for these standards through our scope of work process.

This process allows Prime Energy to work with the owner to properly identify what needs correction, and to specify the recommended course of action.

This allows for the proper budgeting of maintenance dollars and has helped cut down on unnecessary costs associated with radio & antenna equipment being improperly installed.

PE Site Services works with the clients to meet the requirements of ANSI, TIA, OSHA, FAA, FCC, etc. while allowing the owner to avoid unnecessary costs.

At the heart of our maintenance program is proper documentation of the work that was completed.

Tower Maintenance & Service

Hands on project management verifies work is completed in accordance with the scope and budget. In addition to safety and budget prioritization,

Tower Modifications

When a tower needs to be modified, we have the experience and capability to design, fabricate, and install tower and monopole upgrade components.

Our in-house licensed/registered structural engineers utilize an industry-accepted software program that enables them to accurately and efficiently perform structural analyses.

The Structural Analysis Report is sealed by a registered professional engineer and indicates if modifications are required. In addition to engineering,

PE provides in-house fabrication and installation of upgrade components.

Upgrade components are welded in our facility before shipping, minimizing the danger of field welding. Our services include

· Tower and foundation mapping

· Structural analysis

· Modification design and detailing

· Material fabrication

· Tower upgrade material, antenna, and transmission line installation

Microwave Services

Prime Energy has experienced crews and managers dedicated to the procurement and installation of complete microwave systems. We’ve worked closely with manufacturers to ensure we’re utilizing the best practices for installation.

We’ve completed projects for Aviat Networks, South Mississippi Electric, Ameren Utility Company, Verizon Wireless, US Cellular, AT&T, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, CN Railroad, Union Pacific plus many more.

Prime Energy Division brings extensive experience in this field and are certified to install & test 8T, 16T, 28T DS3, 3/4x DS3 and OC3 Microwave Systems along with 8T, 16T, 28T DS3, 3/4xDS3 and OC3, OC12, and OC48 Multiplexors.

Technical Services

Prime Energy Site Services has a team of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise ensure the success of every project we undertake.

PE is trained to install, test, and maintain BTS’s, Microwave Systems from 8 to 28T(DS3), 3 or 4xDS3, and OC3 along with Multiplexers, Battery Plants, and Power Bays.

Services offerings include but not limited to:

1. Ground based installation

o RRU & Raycaps

o Cabinets and Platforms

o Much more

2. DC Power – cell site

o DC Plant replacement- GE, Emerson and more

o Distribution adds

o Converters shelve adds

o Battery adds, replacement and re-strapping

Emergency Services

Prime Energy Site Services has on call staff available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year in order to manage all types of emergencies and to perform disaster recovery services.

We can take your emergency and turn it into a well-planned and professionally organized response to your disaster.

We respond to issues as minor as a lighting concern to major power outages requiring the deployment of generators and fueling services to support the network’s needs.

When towers fail during extreme events, our TOW’s (Towers on Wheels) deployment can get you back up and running quickly.

At all times, our Emergency Support Staff works with the carrier to ensure that the response is properly managed