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Our Exceptional Electrical Engineering Services

At Prime Energy, we specialize in providing exceptional electrical engineering services to various industries. Our team of experienced electrical engineers has the dedication to delivering innovative solutions that empower your success.

  • Neta Testing & Commissioning OF SUBSTATIONS
  • Outage and connection planning Testing of breakers, disconnect switches, CTs, PTs, CVTs,
  • power transformers, DC control systems, and other equipment.
  • Power transformer offloading & transport/assembly & oil filling.
  • Circuit breakers and circuit switchers of all sizes include assembly, calibration, oil, and SF6 gas filling.
  • Medium voltage switchgear installation of all types and sizes
  • Load break and air brake disconnect switches of all voltage ratings, including setup and calibration.
  • Switchyard bus work includes rigid and strain buses, tubular aluminum welding, and ISO-Phase buses.
  • Current and voltage phase angle readings (between all).
  • Complete station and equipment grounding systems, including neutralizing transformers and tele line isolation.
  • Modular Protection & Control Buildings.
  • Capacitor banks and harmonic filters.
  • Protection & Control logic functional testing and commissioning.
  • Relay protection, control, and substation automation systems, including cabling and wiring
  • Relay settings Programming and relay characteristic and function Retesting
  • Prime Energy system interface testing and final sign-offs.
  • Detailed redesign of high-to-EHV utility substations, including one-line diagrams, wiring diagrams, conduit and cable sizing/routing, physical substation layouts, substation equipment selection, and substation rewriting.
  • Equipment specifications, construction cost estimates, general arrangement, equipment and electrical layout, grounding, outdoor bus design, protection, and controls.
  • Relay protection, control, and substation automation system testing.

Energy Storage Cabinets

Some renewable energy structures can be especially vulnerable to environmental hazards, making specially designed renewable energy storage cabinets a key part of your planning.

Our extensive experience anticipating renewable energy storage needs and fabricating cabinets that accommodate everything from weather to aesthetic concerns make Prime Energy a top choice for fulfilling your renewable energy storage needs.

We deliver concrete, multi-piece concrete, and purpose-built ISO cabinet options in various sizes.

Explore our field and warranty services in addition to our engineered structures to find an energy storage cabinet for your renewable energy storage needs.

Prime Energy Engineering can accommodate all original tower manufacturer or installation drawings to perform structural analysis.

Our specialists are ready to deliver turnkey tower and monopole modifications to help you meet evolving needs and incorporate developing technologies.

Providing unparalleled speed to market, we have the experience and expertise to provide discrete or holistic modification support. As the best engineering service company, our service also includes designing, fabricating, and installing tower and monopole upgrade components.


Modification services include, but are not limited to:

  • Tower and foundation mapping
  • Structural analysis
  • Modification design and detailing
  • Material fabrication
  • Installation of tower upgrade materials, mounts, antennas, and lines
  • Post-Modification Installation Inspection

Specialty Enclosures

PE service engineering and manufacturing experts will collaborate with you on a custom-engineered enclosure.

Work with us to select the enclosure size, shape, material, finish, and capabilities your equipment requires. Whether you’re looking for non-standard element protection or a specialty decorative finish, we’re here to construct the enclosure to help your service succeed.

Physical substation design, including yard layouts, plans, sections, and details, grounding, lightning protection, control building arrangements, interior and exterior raceways, auxiliary AC/DC power systems, and associated bills of material. Splicing and Terminating for Transformer and Switchgear Installation and testing

Equipment Skids and Platforms

PE can install concrete, steel skids, and platforms that fit your load specifications and other infrastructure needs. Choose from prefabricated skid and platform options, or work with us to customize equipment specific to your site.

With our enclosure manufacturing and equipment integration capabilities, PE provides a completed assembly that simplifies your site installation.

  • Customization options for equipment skids and platforms include:
  • Fully custom surface area dimensions
  • Accommodation for necessary load weight
  • Potential fabrication with anchors and embedded plates
  • Waffling capabilities to reduce weight
  • Built-in conduit, channels, grating, piping, and sealed interfaces
  • Assembly, including customer-furnished equipment

From power generation, electrical engineering service, transmission to distribution, and beyond, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you tackle even the most demanding electrical and power engineering construction challenges. We are the leading source to complete your electrical project on time and under budget.

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