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Metro Railroad

Prime Energy has Experienced in the design, construction testing, and commissioning of transit systems and transit facilities as required. PE will work with both system and facility design elements including substation, power distribution, fiber transmission network, data and voice communications, signals and train control systems, mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) systems along with the start-up, testing, and commissioning of the Integrated Systems.

PE will design the framework for the systems integration and coordinate and integrate the design of the system concurrently with the facility’s design. PE will assign a Systems Integration Manager who will oversee and coordinate all systems design, all systems integration test procedures and reports, and make recommendations for additional testing if required.

  • Thorough understanding of CA/TX trans civil and structural criteria and review process, NEPA/CEQA practices, FTA construction practices, AREMA Standards, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), local Regional Rail Authorities and state Public Utilities Commission regulations governing railroads, and work effectively with numerous state and federal regulatory agencies and 3rd parties
  • Willingness to perform the duties of the Engineering company of record Project & Construction Manager on a day-to-day liaison with the client, overseeing the activities of the PRIME ENERGY team
  • Seasoned claims avoidance and dispute resolution
  • Experience managing alternative delivery projects
  • Identify interfaces in the design process
  • Manage Design Unit Coordinators and Design personnel.
  • Lead the design group meetings and assist the design groups as appropriate to resolve interfaces promptly, consistent with the current level of design, including overseeing the resolution of any action item list relative to the system interface as well as the action item list developed during interdisciplinary engineering meetings
  • Developing Systems Integration and Interface Management Plans
  • Develop an Integration Test and Acceptance plan including testing forms, procedures for testing, and approval steps
  • Coordinate and integrate all System interfaces so that each System is properly integrated with itself, existing systems, and into the Project area, including the right-of-way, the surrounding communities, and all facilities, equipment, and data provided by others
  • Establish and maintain a systematic, documented, comprehensive, and verifiable systems integration process to be applied throughout the Project.
  • Develop and coordinate Interface Control Documents
  • Develop and Maintain Systems Interface Matrix
  • Provide oversight of systems integration testing and systems acceptance testing
  • Provide Systems start-up support
  • Provide Testing and Commissioning of Communications Systems
  • Experience in Railroad communications systems and communications commissioning and validation testing
  • Knowledge of railroad signaling systems and traction power systems
  • Strong working knowledge of OSHA construction, and rail industry regulations
  • PE puts safety at the forefront of all civil engineering design and rail construction commissioning activities
  • Strong working knowledge of Hi-Rail Equipment function and Inspection
  • Ensure that safety policies and procedures are being followed and enforced based on FRA regulations
  • Ensures FRA 213, FRA 214, and FRA 219 standards, testing, and inspection requirements are met.

PE will Provide overall management of Railroad Maintenance & Capital projects in terms of labor requirements, material requirements, delivery of materials, scheduling, equipment utilization, and work in progress.

  • Assist in the development of plans for future track and infrastructure projects.
  • Perform pre-project inspections and compile a material list to aid in the project planning process
  • Mark ties, rail, & other railroad components to be upgraded or changed in preparation for each project
  • Manage the effective utilization of manpower, equipment, vehicles, and track materials to insure both the quality and quantity of work being performed
  • Schedule and supervise all third-party activities including, but not limited to rail detection, bridge inspections, and weed spray
  • Ensures compliance with all Federal, State, and Local regulations
  • Track material cost

PE Will design Train Control On-Board Systems and manage and coordinate the day-to-day installation and acceptance for maintenance and upgrades of the PTC On-Board Systems on locomotives and cab cars to assure the safe efficient and reliable operation of trains.

  • Monitor onboard system performance on a unit-by-unit basis and required changes to the system-wide configuration
  • Develop, establish, and maintain a mechanical maintenance work scope for the upkeep of the PTC onboard system. Establish the means and methods to perform onboard troubleshooting remotely to optimize system support with available staff
  • Manage the successful deployment of the onboard PTC systems to include the establishment of maintenance &upkeep infrastructure (including the development of employee work schedules and job skills)
  • Manage contractors and vendors performing PTC On-Board equipment installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrades
  • Oversee and coordinate contracted activities including maintenance and modification of equipment; ensure compliance with contract guidelines.
  • Support the training and testing of staff and contractors required to maintain onboard PTC equipment
  • Establish and maintain an automated log system to review and track faults within the onboard systems
  • Troubleshoot defects, failures, and reported problems on units (PTC locomotives and PTC cab cars)
  • Oversee warranty-based troubleshooting, warranty repair, and required rework or modification to the existing onboard installation.
  • Oversee and participate in the development and administration of the department budget; approve the forecast of funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials, and supplies; approve expenditures and implements budgetary adjustments as appropriate and necessary
  • Become knowledgeable and gain expertise and experience by cross-training in other PTC C&S functional groups
  • Manage the integration of the PTC systems into the standard/required activities of the railroad, Gain expertise and experience by cross-training in other PTC C&S functional groups
  • Attend and participate in professional group meetings; stay abreast of new trends and innovations
  • Manage and supervise the activities and performance of a small team of employees charged with coordinating the installation, acceptance, maintenance, and updating of the PTC onboard systems, onboard hardware, and software. Develop a team environment, provide feedback, and evaluate staff performance, coaching, and positive recognition
  • Perform other related duties as assigned
  • Locomotive and cab car electrical and mechanical systems and be able to become knowledgeable on the overlay and integration of on-board PTC systems
  • SCRRA and applicable Federal, state, and local laws, codes, and regulations
  • Principles and practices of supervision, training, and performance evaluation
  • Principles and practices of budget preparation and administration
  • Principles and practices of preventive maintenance and repair of electronic train control and control displays
  • The transition between a stationary position at a desk or work location and moving about Metrolink facilities or other work site locations

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